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More than Just Friends

20 Apr

Pictures speak louder than words, almost all the time. So for this post, I’m keeping minimal typing and ease your eyes with some beautiful pictures taken by myself, Louise and Belle from our Malacca trip. 🙂

Well, you know how some people tell you friends are overrated and that they just come and go?

But I tend to disagree.


Because they are the ones who had went through with you certain phases in your life…


More often than not, those phases you guys went through are pretty memorable ones…


Memories that bring genuine happiness from within…


I’m truly blessed to have met you girls, creating fond memories together.

You girls are not just friends to me, more like sisters in this second home we call university.

Thank you for all the special moments! ♥

Of Champions and Hop!

8 Apr

The title says it all. 🙂

The boy recently very bravely (and randomly) joined the UM’s Got Talent Competition recently held at the university.

And yes, you guessed it right. He and a few other friends emerged as the champion!

This is the video of him and the band’s winning performance. Enjoy!

I accompanied him all day but when he went up to the stage for his turn, I had to leave for a class which was later cancelled!

FML max seriously, I quickly rushed back to the competition venue but still didn’t make it in time. 😦

But I guess it’s all worth when I heard it myself when they announced the winners. Hehe! So totally made my day!

And the best part is he came along with the room mates and I to watch this…

#1. Hop!

It is such a good good movie!

So totally love the many colours of candies and of course, the adorable Phil!!!

So yes, it was a really a good day for me though I was completely worn out at the end of the day. 🙂

CC Nite 2011

5 Apr

Some say the best times in life is during your secondary school days because you know, that’s when everyone’s trying to be the cool ones – cheerleader, basketballer, footballer, etc etc. And somehow, just somehow I think pinafores are attractive in some ways too, that is if you wear them right. 😉

So CC Night’s theme this year is Secondary School where they actually encourage us to go in pinafores and dark green pants for the guys but seriously, I think not many of us can still fit into our uniforms. 😀

I for one, didn’t even bother trying to squeeze myself in so I went on with just a white shirt and (dark) blue skirt. And because many said I look more like a corporate lady, I borrowed Fei’s headband with a white ribbon. 🙂

#1. Joshua & I

So we have props for camwhore purposes every year and this year, the committee went all out with the theme and did this for us!


Pretty impressive for something that’s made purely out of cardboard and tapes ey?

So the usual things went on; OC’s performances, speech by some highly respected seniors (more like batch mates), makan session and of course, AWARDS PRESENTATION!

And guess what! Once again the CC Queen of my choice won the title! 😀

#3. Sean the CC King, myself and Khai Ling the CC Queen!

Of course, Sean’s the CC King I voted on that day itself too after his impressive performance that night. 😉

I had a wonderful time that night, though I was supposed to rush to complete an assignment due the next day. >.<

#4. Family photo!

Best part about events by CC like this is when you get to meet long lost friends whom you’ve probably not met for a long time…

#5. With my room mate in our first year, Siew Peng!

And getting together with new ones whom you’ve met from another event by CC…

#6. Wushu Team!

Basically, it’s just great fun to hang out with a bunch of people you know are genuinely kind to you, just like your family members. In fact, we are a big family of CC! 🙂

#7. All third years of CC who were present that night.


And of course, you get to camwhore and play around with your friend’s cool gadgets!


So of course, thumbs up to the awesome event flow and good job to the committee for the great grand finale of CC!

I will really miss all of these.

Malam Anugerah Kurshiah 2011

15 Mar

Every residential college here in University of Malaya have their annual college dinner thing where supposedly, it’s to celebrate people who have done their fair share of contribution and sacrifices (LOL) to the college.

Last year I had the chance to go up stage not once but TWICE for Project Director and Best Project Award. jeng jeng jeng~

So this year I decided to just sit and let others have their chance. (Blehh.. Actually didn’t join anything anymore, lazy!)

But I did what everyone does best on this superbly so called grand dinner. 🙂

#1. Elen & I

Did my hair this time, thanks to Choon Roei who purposely came back to help beautify us, the bunch of noobs. 😀

At this point I only got my hair curled up while Elen got hers tied up into a semi-mohawk style.

Later we got our make up done as well then hurried up to the first bus because my darling roomie plays an important role in that dinner. And her designer was already rushing for her to come and try her wings on.

Yup. You saw that right. Wings. 😀


Elen with wings! She was asked to be the gimmick for the opening ceremony hence the extravagant outfit. 😀 Well, they sure picked the right girl because my dear Elen’s super gorgeous!

So the dinner was as usual, sit with friends at table, laugh at people’s wardrobe malfunction, wait for food to come, sit some more, eat, laugh some more then eat again and then dinner’s over.

Okay, I’m kinda lost of words now so I’ll just let the pictures fill in the details. 🙂

#3. Chai & I

When people saw this picture, they all asked the same question. “When’s the big day?” =.=

Do we really look that old?

#4. Us with Wei Hoe

#5. Part of table 32

#6. Felicia!

#7.Hung Tong in yukata!

Two of the five room mates I have who completely transformed themselves that night! Preeeeeetty!!!

#8. Louise & I

It was only after this picture that I finally realized the pictures turn out better in another setting so yups, damn fail. 😦

Pictures from this point onwards are all borrowed from friends because I just saw them on FB and they look nice. 😀

Pictures from Louise's DSLR

#9. With Elen without her wings. 🙂

#10. With Bei Shan

#11. Missing Hung Tong, otherwise a complete group picture! 😀


Finally a picture with Hung Tong but no thanks to Elen it’s a bit blur. 😉 Tong was so busy the whole night, everyone wanted a picture with her. We were saying she’s like the mascot of MAK. 😀

#13. Trademark!

How can we miss our trademark shot ey? 🙂

One last picture from a junior, Adelynn’s iPhone 4! One of my favourites! Thank you!


Had quite a good time though I had one of the toughest and longest time in the bathroom when we got back, trying to wash the sprays and gels off my tangled hair. Curled hair seemed kinda nice but I guess it comes with a price to pay – major hair loss! 😦

So yup, another annual activity done by the college that would be the last time for me. Sigh. Hope everyone else had a good time too! 🙂

Reunion Dinners!

20 Feb

Many said the CNY this year felt really short but I for one think it should really end soon (well, I only came to this realization on the day before Chap Goh Mei or something) because it’s another excuse for people (like me) to eat eat and EAT!

First you have reunion with the family and relatives…


Had a mini pot luck reunion again at my home after we got back from Ipoh…


Then reunion with college’s Chinese Club…

#3. Upon leaving college...

#4. With Mandy & Mei Wei

#5. With the family!


One table with ten girls and that was the amount we whallop! xD

And then there’s reunion with course mates, members from PEKUMA…


Then just this random dinner my parents decided to go on with because it was Chap Goh Mei…


First time trying this dish called, ‘Pun Choi’ and I think it’s yums! 😀

But seeeeeeeeriously… I think I had a bit too much of reunion dinners. >.<

DB100 at KL (Malls)!

23 Jan

I’m so super lazy now I refuse to even move to get my phone that’s charging at the corner of the table. >.<

It’s one of those nights where seriously, you feel so lazy you hardly want to move an inch.

Well, besides the fingers cause if not how to type and browse Internet. :p

So here are some long overdue grandma story on my super adventurous shopping day around KL.

Super adventurous cause we traveled from KLCC to Pavilion then to Times Square then to Sungei Wang then back to Times Square then Pavilion then to Imbi Station for the train.

I left at about 10 in the morning and only reached the college at around midnight. =.=


The initial reason to this outing was because Felicia booked us some tickets to an organ recital at MPO then we thought, why not wander around KL for some CNY shopping too, right? 🙂

#2. My room mate who looks good in candid pictures!

#3. Tickets!

Yup, you read it right! Our admission was actually free!! Too bad I’m not a big fan of organs so I kinda dozed off in between the songs. >.<

#4. Inside MPO

Every time I’m in there, it feels like I’m in somewhere really prestigious and high-class and I’m totally under-dressed.

The interior is seriously mesmerizing and I am such a lucky girl to be able to snap a quick shot of it! 😀

They usually don’t allow photography in there but I guess they are more lenient during the day. 😉



The recitals ended in less than hour so we made it in time for lunch at Pavilion’s Food Republic.

And of course, we had some fun at the concourse area!

#7. It's Chinese New Year!

#8. It's a bunny new year to be exact!

#9. Hit the drums!

After that, we moved on doing some shopping and spent FOUR hours at ONE floor in Times Square!

Just one floor took us four blardy hours! And well, another hour or two at Sungei Wang.

#10. Moon & the 'Bulan Entrance'

And when we got back to Pavilion for Snowflake, it was already dark outside!

Yup, we were all tired and exhausted but still headed back to Pavilion for Snowflake! 🙂


#12. Yummy!

Ahahahaa! Moon’s expression is always hilarious! 😀

Finally got back with feet screaming in pain. Despite the fact that I was in flip-flops after MPO.

But a great day spent bonding, shopping, digging clothes with the room mates and the boy. 🙂

Happy Thaipusam!

20 Jan

First off, before I go on about my updates,

HAPPY THAIPUSAM to those celebrating and HAPPY HOLIDAY to the rest! 😀

So, since my laptop is not working at most times and I am so forgetful that I forgot to bring the camera back, I’ll just leave you guys with a few nice pictures taken with Louise’s DSLR from our KL outing last Sunday!

#1. Roomies!

#2. Louise

One of the best pictures I’ve taken of her; purely candid and natural. And yes, this is how loving she looks like when she sees an adorable child. 🙂

#3. My (second) favourite boy (after LeeHom) and I 🙂

#4. Louise & I

Will hopefully update with proper details and grandma stories when I get back to the university! 🙂