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My Kind of Entertainment.

27 Oct

When you are bored & sick of studying so much, you feel like you can vomit out papers and books you need some entertainment, what do you do?


#1. The sien face


This was taken in one of the very super boring Sociology lectures.

Ah yes, I haven’t told you what I do when I’m bored.

I look at random pictures in my phone and blog about them! 🙂


#2. Mandy with the very yummy dessert


#3. Elen with her *nyum nyum* noodles

These were taken almost a year ago if  I’m not wrong. Goodness. I forgot why were we there already. For lunch and movie I assume. Got Belle also. Haha!

All I’m sure is that the food there is really good and the deco of the restaurant is really nice. It’s at The Gardens by the way. 🙂

#4. Coursemates

#4. Course Mates


#5. Jo Ann & the bully, Pei Ling

These were taken just a week ago! 🙂

We were at the talk given on our coming internship.

If you noticed the lecture hall is extra nice and all (that is if you noticed lah), don’t think we usually get to attend classes in halls like this.

This is Dewan Kuliah (DK) 3 of Faculty of Economics and is extra nice, only open for special talks.

Our normal lecture halls are a bit older and we sit on wooden seats. No cushion one. But better also or else I will always sleep in class. 🙂


#6. Moon with our pot!

This was during lunch just now! I had the most satisfying lunch ever!

Okay, not as satisfying as McD’s definitely but still damn good!!!

I am so full, I don’t have to eat dinner tonight! 🙂



This was taken…don’t know when already. 🙂

A very nice gift from a very thoughtful person. 🙂

#9. Darling Happy :)

#8. Darling Happy 🙂


#9. Fei & I

granny's 75th

#10. Po Po dearest

The two persons (and a dog) that are really close to my heart.

Miss all three of you very much out of a sudden.

#11. Audweeee

#11. Audweeee

A picture of Audrey the adorable hobbit to represent the BFFs cause this is the only recent picture I have in my phone.

Yes, haven’t met them for quite some time. *sigh

Okay, I’m feeling all energized to start my Statistics!!!

You should really get a blog if you have no idea what to do with the Internet when you’re dead bored. 🙂


5 Oct

Hellooo I’m now blogging from my university’s computer lab again! 🙂

The intention to come here was to do Microeconomics assignment’s draft as tomorrow’s the discussion and finished doing what I can already so can do other things now! 🙂

So, update update.. Hmm.. Where do I start from…

Okay, let’s start from my previous post.

To not offend anyone, let’s just say I’ve learned quite a few new things about the girls in my college.

I’ve always thought they were ladylike, gentle, polite and all but I was so, so, so wrong.

Now I know why people say a wise person doesn’t mess with a girl.

Ok lah, that one I say one lah. ;p

Next, my pile of assignments is finally getting smaller.

After 12 weeks of the first semester, I’m getting really worried about becoming a senior in the university now..

Work loads are seriously A FREAKING LOT MORE compared to the first year and I hope it won’t be that much anymore in my final year.

It was the Mooncake Festival celebration in my college last Thursday but unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures with me yet so bear with me till I get them from Belle kay? 🙂

What else, what else…

Sh*t, I dont’ know what else to write.

Okay lah then, I’ll update another time.

Hopefully, soon. 🙂


I just saw one of the pictures from Mooncake Festival in FB.


Happy Misz with her tanglung and I. 🙂

Life in the Not-So-Fab Lane

25 Sep

I am here cause I don’t know what to do and I just ate Maggie so I don’t want to sleep yet. 🙂

So, this random thought hit me just now.

Why some people has got Kim-Kardashian-kind-of-life but mine is so simple, it’s near to get-a-new-life-cause-yours-is-freeeaaaaking-boring?

Hehe. Not that random actually.

I met up with Yean few days ago and we talked about our high school friends and some not friends.

Some are doing the Medicine programme, some Law, some Dentistry, some Accountancy, some are fashion designers, some are cops, some are proud mothers, etc…

Thing is, when she asked me about me (yes ME), I didn’t know how to answer her.

Cause to be really honest, I am leading the life any ordinary not-so-well-to-do parents would plan for their child to live.


Maybe I passed the rebel phase so I don’t really want to go against my parents like taking drugs, sleeping with random guys, etc, and so, I end up doing very normal stuffs.

Like waking up in the afternoon late morning, then going to class, then rush assignments, tutorials, presentations, then going back to college and do normal stuffs like eating and sleeping.

And when holiday comes, everything is the same, except for the class and college part.

What happened to those days where I go out everyday with the BFFs?

What happened to those days when I get so excited about clubbing?

What happened to those days when I get butterflies in my stomach when a cute guy turns and smile at me?

Okay lah, the cute guy part never did happen but you get my point, right?

Gosh. I feel so boring now.

I don’t even feel excited listening to LeeHom’s songs.

What happen??? 😦

And why do I sound like a 30 year old when I’m only 21???


Suddenly random thought become sad thought pulak. 😦

First Class Mentality?

15 Sep

Today started off with a very bad joke.

I skipped the morning class again cause I had some assignments pending and the due date was today plus I was still exhausted even though I slept for more than 7 hours.

Then my course mate texted me saying the lecturer caught me skipping cause she was reading out the names.

I freaked out of course cause I’m chicken like that wtf not used to being caught by teachers or lecturers for doing something wrong.

But when I sat back and think about it again, I had a feeling they were playing a prank on me.

And I was right. sheesh.

At that moment, I felt so terribly bad and I was like thinking it must be some wake up call or something for me and I vowed to not skip anymore classes this semester.

Okay fine, this week at least.

But here I am, back in the room though I’m supposed to go for my Sociology lecture and tutorial.

Thing is, I really don’t see a point in attending certain classes.

For instance, Statistics.

This year’s Statistics been full of nothing but nonsense.

The lecturer reads from the slides, literally and is not even able to explain to us the correct answer if we asked her a question.

She would always say, “Just refer to your notes and text books.”

I know, we are university students and we shouldn’t be spoon fed anymore but it’s annoying to know that you purposely wake up in the morning to go for such lectures.

I mean, if all I’m getting is, “Just refer your notes and book”, might as well I sleep in and read on my own.

What’s the point of attending the lecture, right?

Then Statistics tutorial.

Gosh, my tutor just browse through the soft copy and if we tell him to slow down as we’re trying to catch what is written, he’ll say, “Don’t copy. I’m giving you the soft copy later.”


What is the point I ask you, to attend to such classes.

Just read the notes on my own and download the answers, right?

And they say their vision is to produce first class mentality students/graduates.

Should they do something about their educators first?

How are we going to be first class mentality people when the ones who are educating us are like that?

You tell me lah, how.

Best I Could Do

8 Sep

I’m back, again to rant here.

I’m starting to feel bad cause all I seem to blog about are complaints after complaints.

Thing is, I haven’t got the time to settle my photo-problem at flickr so I’m putting all the picture post on hold.

Be patient ya my dear readers.:)

I’ve got a one week holiday coming up so I’ll probably get it done that time.

Anyway, things are pretty hectic lately.

And in a not-so-good way.

Many people around me are feeling really tensed and stressed out due to the workload and commitments lately.

It is only normal for me to try help them solve their matters when I see them feeling so stressed out.

But unfortunately, this time I’m tied down with commitments myself, too.

I am still able to juggle with my studies and other commitments at the moment but not until the extent of helping others do theirs as it’s just out of my limitations.


Yeah, I’m a little confused, too with what I’m saying. swt.

But point is, I can’t sit in and help the ones around me with their problems and I feel really sorry.

I know how some would say, “Mind your own business. They need to go through all this on their own.”

But how can you stand to sit back and watch them break down?

And when you talk to them, all they can ever do is to respond with a weak smile cause they’re already so tired from all the work.

Responding with a weak smile is a bonus.

Sometimes all I get is silence as my dear friend’s thoughts wandered elsewhere again. I assume they went to the deadlines and workload again. 😦

Best I could do is to keep smiling, I guess.

My dear friends, if you happen to read this (which I seriously doubt), cheer up, k! There’s always a bright side to everything! 🙂

I Need My BFFs.

20 Aug

I miss the two BFFs so much, I’m actually crying wtf wtf out of a sudden.

It feels like it’s been centuries since I last saw them.

I miss Heng’s massages.

I miss Jess’s laughter.

I miss spending the whole night with them doing nothing.

I miss asking Heng weird questions together with Jess at late nights just because he’s a guy and we needed an answer from a guy’s point of view.

I miss pinching Heng just for the fun of it.

I miss sharing comfortable silent moments with them.

Though that rarely happens cause we talk so much sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone listening cause we all talk at the same time about very different things.

I miss them.

And for the first time, spilling it all out here isn’t helping.

The Key

1 Aug



Yes. Someone’s turning 21 soon. Not that soon, but pretty soon. Heh.

Guess who? 😀