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Questions, questions and more questions.

16 Jul

Sometimes I wonder, am I really doing the right thing?

Or am I really taking the right course?

When people say right, what does that actually mean?

The right course, does it mean I’m studying the field I’m passionate about or does it mean I’m going to graduate and get a secured job after that?

And the things I’m doing now, is it right?

Am I doing what I really like or am I doing it for the conveniences of everyone else’s?

These questions kept pestering me until I couldn’t concentrate in my lectures.

And that’s when I realise, what is the point of getting all these answers?

Does it really matter or what’s important is to get my foot back on track to work towards my goals?

Obviously, to work towards my goal.

So yes, screw those questions. 😀

Simple Things In Life That Matters

14 Jul
Some people seek comfort from shopping sprees.
Some find joy in owning luxurious cars or big houses.
But me,
Simple gestures or just hanging out with people I love brings out the greatest joy within me.
#1. Loo Loo =)

#1. Loo Loo =)

Louise is one person that I can really be myself when I’m with her. She brings the smile and laughter out of me very naturally with her full-of-nonsense remarks. And she made my day last Thursday when she accompanied me to Transformers 2 despite the fact that she disliked Transformers very much before this.

#2. Rambutans!!!

#2. Rambutans!!!

Small gestures from a friend reaches straight to my heart as well.

Sin Yi, one of the juniors brought back a bag of rambutans from her hometown for me. 😀

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?


End of MHS, Beginning of a Whole Lot More

7 Jul

Yes, as the titles says, MHS is finally done and over with but I’ve got a whole lot more things in line.

For instance, Minggu Interaksi Kurshiah (MIK) which is going to start next week. Then there’s my faculty’s I-Week, PBUM’s MB thing-y, PBUM’s Vege Stall and Da Yao, the Chinese Concert that I joined last year as a Marketing committee. Not forgetting my role as CCC’s Timbalan Pengarah.

The thoughts of all those commitments are killing me already. I need to buck up this semester to pull my pointers up again.

The so-called reunion with the Uni buddies never seemed to work cause everyone’s busy with their own things. *sigh*

Will update with pictures from my PM days soon.

Till then.



20 May

Don’t get what I mean? Follow the link below and watch the two videos.

Day 5 of PM camp.

I feel like writing in point form suddenly. Hehe.

1. I’m still alive! I sleep like maximum 5 hours only everyday but I’m still up and about, laughing and working! I know lah, 5 hours is quite enough but for someone like me who sleeps at least 10 hours everyday, it is quite torturing.

2. I am head of Edu Expo for PM camp. So far, I found the school to organize it already, SMK USJ 8. No black and white agreement yet but the teachers seemed keen in co-operating. =)

3. The bond among PMs are getting closer. Not all of course but I really like the ones I’m close to for now. Hehe.

4. There are ratS at my hostel who stay on the same floor as me!!! Damn scary!!!

5. …I thought I got a lot of things to update but looks like I’m wrong. Haha!

Got to go back to work now so I’ll stop here. Pray for me that the rats will go away soon, please!

I want to…

3 May

I want to know how was LeeHom’s concert.

I want to go shopping.

I want to go to the cinema.

I want to go clubbing.

I want to know how is he doing. *ahem* XD

I want to know how are Timon and Pumbaa in Penang. You guys having fun?

I want to know where are we going for the PM camp.

I want to know why I can’t sleep any earlier than 4 in the morning.

I want to know why all guys like to sweet talk and give wrong signals to girls. Idiots.

I want to know if there’s anyone out there with answers to any of my questions.

Changed Person

30 Apr

This post is seriously random and unplanned. As usual, I spent the whole day surfing the net and since it is the third day, I am seriously getting sick of the Internet.

Just now, the BFF from Penang sent me an MMS. After some configuration thing-y, my phone can now retrieve MMS-es!!!

But, that is not the reason why I blogged. Thing is, Loi sent me this…
I am officially a, what they call, Buta IT.

I have no idea why that picture turns out terbalik. I tried rotating, editing over and over again but it still ends up like this.

Turns your heads around or turn your screens 180 degrees or simply edit it yourself lahh.


He told me he was going to dye his hair earlier, red somemore and I kept telling him not to do it.

Thank God it is not as bad as I thought. But according to him it’s because he’s in indoors that’s why it is not that bright.

His hair is one thing. I am sort of freaking out because of his pose also, wtf wtf wtf.

Since when you learn to take such pictures, Heng?!?!?!

With someone else’s phone some more!!

Labuan changed my BFF. *sobs* Give him back!!! XD
Can’t wait for you guys to be back so I can make fun of Heng. =)


27 Apr
I’m back!!!

No, I don’t mean that I haven’t been updating enough or something but the ‘me’ I thought I lost earlier is back!!

I know what I want and how am I going to get it.

A big thank you to friends who supported me when I was down.

And not forgetting Xinyi, Fei, Mom and the rest at home who are always there to cheer me up through short visits with apples and Twisties, phone calls or even SMSes. I’m glad I didn’t go too far away from home.

Will update on the random trips I went during the exam week soon.

Oh yah, someone else is back too!! Guess who?

I’ll give you guys some clues…

She’s short and loves to call herself adorable but we prefer to label her as a dumb black.


Yes.. This full of nonsense girl is back.. XD