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Spending Time with the Loved Ones.

18 Jun

Been bumming at home for more than a month now, and it’s really making me more lazy!

Not like I have not been lazy before this but now that I can totally ditch my books, all I’m left with is to online and search for jobs.

And when job searching is done for the day, I pretty much just lay on the couch and search channels for programmes to just pass time.

Yes, it’s really as boring as it sounds.

On a brighter note, I think I’ve been spending more time than ever with the family and friends. 🙂

Cousin Yiing was in KL for a week so we brought her around for a bit.


It was a day out at KL’s shopping malls – Suria KLCC, Pavilion, and Sungei Wang.

Yiing managed to get some good bargains herself from Sungei Wang then we had desserts. Where else but Snowflake for desserts! 🙂



Then that week, I sneaked out to KL again to meet up my favourite girls from FEA! 😀

#4. PG!

#5. TBG!

Also got to meet my darling after that! Super happy! ♥

The only boy in family turned 16 three days ago!

We had dinner together and a mini cake-cutting ceremony after that at home. Despite the fact that I’m unemployed and completely broke, I managed to dig some cash to get him a (cheap) cake. It’s the thoughts that counts after all, right?


Then it was Chatime! (Minus Pa cause he’s totally against Taiwanese desserts after all the reports >.<)


#8. Battle of the Nostrils!

Just yesterday, I managed to meet up with the bunch from USJ13 over dinner then headed to Zouk after that.

Too bad we were such cheapskates we didn’t exactly want to pay (at all) so we ended up at the Main Room (I think) instead of Phuture, which I heard is a lot better.

The room we were at was quite disappointing with typical clubbing songs and congested with men! Not a very welcoming sight at the dance floor you know, with drunk guys all over dancing, so Aud and I spent the night sitting at our table.

It might have sounded like a complete disaster but I sure had fun chatting with both sober and tipsy friends. Haha! Overall, I enjoyed myself very much I would say. Glad I decided to tag along, so yes thank you Audrey! 😀


As much fun as it may sound, to have my week productively spent with all those I love, I REALLY WANT TO WORK! 😦

Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that I’ll get an offer next week, alright? 🙂

Pretty Saturday Afternoon!

29 May

It’s been a while since I last posted something here but seriously, life hasn’t been entertaining AT ALL with absolutely nothing new so there wasn’t a point in writing a new entry.

Anyways, since I’m back that means I have done something out of the norm today!

Yes yes I’ve been finding all sorts of reason to upload so when I get to do something worth blogging about I will immediately tell the world!

Just this afternoon, I attended a workshop by RMK at Chinoz on the Park, KLCC along with Audrey, Fei and Eva.

For noobies like us, the workshop was extremely useful! Only downside is now we’ll have to really save up to get those tools! 😀



Best part of the whole workshop is their make up artist and assistants were really helpful and attentive, despite the fact that we may not be potential buyers of their products at all!

Customer service comes as the number one priority to me. Sometimes I will buy something even if I haven’t planned to just because the sales assistant is too kind!

Unfortunately more often than not I get snobbish sales assistant in the cosmetic line. Just because I don’t use much of make-up and I don’t look like the wealthiest girl ever doesn’t mean I won’t buy anything!

So yes, as I said the make-up artists today were really nice! Double thumbs up to RMK for this!


Another awesome part of this workshop is they actually let us try to do the steps on our own first and if we really don’t know only they’ll help!

But oh well, my make-up artist was too kind I’m too lazy so she did all the steps for me! What a way to pamper myself ey? 🙂


Tadaaa! Skip all the steps in between cause seriously she was so good at it that I just want to close my eyes and open to see a prettier me. LOL!

But really, I am having what my sisters call the ‘bad face period’; annoying red pimples everywhere but the foundation sealed all nicely and yet I don’t look like I’m wearing a mask made out of concealer! 🙂

#5. Audrey getting help from Fara


So nice right! And this is probably the very few pictures of her these few days because that crazy girl thinks she looks too hideous for pictures on normal days. =.=

#7. Eva, Fei and their make up artist

These two young ladies sure transformed themselves after the workshop too! With help from the pretty make up artist with them of course. 🙂

#8. Us with the Japanese make-up artist!

#9. Aud & I

#10. Fei & I

And to wrap this ‘pretty’ post is a naked face of mine. 🙂


Just something to show how amazing the products of RMK were.

p.s: I know there might be other brands with equally as good or even better products but you must try getting something from RMK because their artists are really helpful! For noobs like me, you should really really go to them and ask for help! 🙂

More than Just Friends

20 Apr

Pictures speak louder than words, almost all the time. So for this post, I’m keeping minimal typing and ease your eyes with some beautiful pictures taken by myself, Louise and Belle from our Malacca trip. 🙂

Well, you know how some people tell you friends are overrated and that they just come and go?

But I tend to disagree.


Because they are the ones who had went through with you certain phases in your life…


More often than not, those phases you guys went through are pretty memorable ones…


Memories that bring genuine happiness from within…


I’m truly blessed to have met you girls, creating fond memories together.

You girls are not just friends to me, more like sisters in this second home we call university.

Thank you for all the special moments! ♥

Happy Thaipusam!

20 Jan

First off, before I go on about my updates,

HAPPY THAIPUSAM to those celebrating and HAPPY HOLIDAY to the rest! 😀

So, since my laptop is not working at most times and I am so forgetful that I forgot to bring the camera back, I’ll just leave you guys with a few nice pictures taken with Louise’s DSLR from our KL outing last Sunday!

#1. Roomies!

#2. Louise

One of the best pictures I’ve taken of her; purely candid and natural. And yes, this is how loving she looks like when she sees an adorable child. 🙂

#3. My (second) favourite boy (after LeeHom) and I 🙂

#4. Louise & I

Will hopefully update with proper details and grandma stories when I get back to the university! 🙂

Of Sets of Friends

18 Sep

Semester break’s been occupied with four sets of friends!

LOL. First set would definitely be the BFFs; Loi & Heng. Second set is coursemates, third set is the high school girls; Yean, Cass & Ivie and lastly the form 6 buddies.

So, I went to I-City (again, yes I know) this time with the second set!

#1. Corolla! 😀

Went in two cars, two bosses drove us there. 🙂

#2. With the darling TBG

#3. With the sayang

Well, as I said earlier, I-City is just about the lighted decorations all over the place. So basically we just snap around! 😀

#4. Them two

#5. The lovebirds

#6. The girls

#7. The guys

Then just last night, had the whole night with a mixture of first and fourth set.

It was Justine, Jess’s sister’s birthday. So we were at her place for the party and Jing Sheng introduced this game called Monopoly Deal to us.


I was having so much fun playing because it’s a faster version of Monopoly and definitely more evil one so it’s more fun!! 😀

#9. Justine with Alexander

Headed over to Chill Out after the cake-blowing to meet up with the Form 6 bunch.

#10. Cass

Continued with Monopoly Deal. 😀

#11. Deal Breaker

 My favourite card from the deck! 😀


#13. Clockwise from top - Myself, Cass, Jess & Carol

#14. Loi, JS & myself

Semester break has come to an end and I really haven’t enjoyed myself as much as I wanted.

But oh wells, I cannot be blaming myself and have that self-guilt which will only ruin my last day of freedom.

Shall go get ready to go back to the hostel tomorrow! 🙂

Hope you guys had a good holiday/weekend!

Of Friendships & The Hubby!

4 Aug

It’s the convocation week now in UM, which also means lecturers who are fresh postgraduates will be busy with their convocation, which also later means movie time for me and the coursemates. 😀

#1. Inception

We’ve all heard really good feedbacks about this movie, hence the urge to watch before they stop screening in the cinemas.

It was gooooooodd!!

Story line may be a little confusing but if you pay enough attention, I am sure you’ll enjoy the intensity and just the whole plot about the movie.

There were a bunch of youngsters in front of us who were making noise throughout the movie which was the only down side about watching this movie.

Other than that, it was really a good movie and I get to spend the whole day (again) with the other three! 🙂

It’s really fun being with them because you know they are honest with their opinions and so you can be completely honest with them as well.

And there is no need to please any one of them cause they’re just simply easy-going like that.

Speaking of pleasing people, I used to always think it’s no harm being nice and make the first move approaching a friend, if that’s all it takes to keep a decent friendship.

But recently I was (again) proved wrong.

I will seriously never understand why I always meet such people.

When I am taking the initiative to make things better, to meet up, and catch up – well, it’s all part of keeping a friendship right? – but they just have to pour cold water on me with no mercy.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth.

But everyone who knows me good enough would know I take friendships very seriously.

Yeah, sadly even more serious than the guy girl relationships. Lol.

But how do you keep up with such friends?

Friends who seem to be not bothered at all if you had made that call in the first place.

Who seem to be not bothered by how hurt you may feel from the words they used.

I would like to hear from you guys. 🙂

On a completely random note, my hubby is out with his own movie on 12th of August!!! 😀

#2. Love in Disguise

How can I not watch this when first, LeeHom’s starring in it and second, it’s a love story!

Ah, it’s been a long time since I last felt this way. ♥

Of Reasons to be Happy!

28 Jul

It’s the end of Wednesday!!! 😀

Which is good news obviously because Wednesday is the day where my classes are all packed up from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening.

But I am drained out now as well so will skip dinner and get some rest after this.

Well, I started the week off with a pretty good way!

I was lost (literally, despite being in my final year already) on Monday while going to my Time Series tutorial but I made it there in the end.

Late but at least I made it, right? 🙂

Then at night went to Mid Valley with the girls to meet up with another friend.

Had pretty fun chats over dinner and then movie! 🙂

Somehow I have this thing for cinemas. I am not picky with movies, just bring me into the cinema and I’ll be a happy girl! Haha!

#1. Streetdance

Wanted to get Inception but tickets were all sold for the screening time that we wanted so opted for this.

It was pretty good, nothing fantastic but I really like the British accent! 🙂

Then just yesterday, had lunch with the girls; Belle, Mandy, Elen and Louise.

I had the urge to watch movie again suddenly over lunch so off we went to Tropicana City Mall and watched this…

#2. Sorcerer's Apprentice!

Any magical, fantasy-ish, completely-doesn’t-make-sense kind of movie is good movie to me!!!

I really like every part of this movie, including the fact that the lead actor (no, not Nicholas Cage, the apprentice fella) got a really funny voice. 😀

#3. 🙂

This is one of those pictures that don’t turn out to be that clear but I still like it very much. ♥

Can’t wait to take more nice nice pictures with them! 🙂

Oh! And you know what…

#4. Ixus 120!

I finally got a replacement for Xin Yi after the Ixus 80 tragedy!

Can’t wait to try it when I get home this weekend! 🙂

Of What I’ve Been Up To…

29 May
I’ve done it again, I am sorry to dump you aside, my dear blog but I haven’t got the equipments to beautify you.

Camera is on the way and time will be available soon, I hope.

So, what have I been up to..

Well, internship’s one of course. 🙂

Many are not that happy with their internships but I am different this time.

I totally love every part of it, including the part where I reach office one

hour plus early cause I get to enjoy my breakfast as I work!

#1. The QA Team!

Then, I’ve been spending not much but really good quality time with the coursemates. Really really love them!!

#2. The girls. 🙂

#3. Meddy darling & I

#4. Me sayang!!

#5. Liew & I

Okay, picture #5 is totally unrelated and definitely not recent but purposely put up to disturb Loo Pei Ling! 😀 *inside joke

Other than that, I’ve been spending time with the BFFs too!

No pictures (yet) but I’m going for movies with them tomorrow!! 🙂

People’s been asking why am I so emotional in my FB’s status lately.

I don’t know either, all I know I am really contented and grateful for every part of it now. Hehe.

I’m glad I chose the right path to study and work in, I’m loving the people I have, everything’s just perfect.

Will update when I’m less emo. Hehe!

Of Cheap Fun & A Good Laugh

5 May

It’s been decades weeks since I blogged properly, I’m super excited now to update on Wing Chun!!!

So, the night before my last paper (yes, I escaped from books one night before exam so what *defensive) the girls and I went out to watch the much-talked-about Ip Man 2.

#1. Moon, Louise, Mandy & Elensha

Honestly, the expectations were rather low for me as I didn’t quite agree with those who said Ip Man (1) was the bomb or something.

It was pretty ordinary to me. Maybe cause I was watching from a DVD with nonsense subtitles

So, as it was pretty much the last outing with them for this semester, we decided to camwhore just a bit. 🙂

#2. Mandy manja-ing Elen as usual.


#4. Moon with the 'Blue Blue Tea'~

#5. ...Which was a bit too sour. >.<

#6. Loo loo with her 'healthy' drink!

Our seats were separated so I was with Elen and Mandy while Loo was with Moon at the other end.

Oh, did I mention we went to the Tropicana City Mall?

It’s rather new and empty but I like it that way! Not as crowded and congested like Mid Valley. 🙂

And the cinema was really comfortable too! Best of all, the tickets were cheap! 🙂

Not forgetting the best part was I super like the movie!!!

It was really really good and we couldn’t stop ourselves from Wing Chun-ing resulting to this…

#7. Us Wing Chun-ing 🙂

Okay lah, I know damn tak jadi.

Too hyper to look serious so all don’t know look like what. 🙂

All in all, it was a really good night out despite the short hours outside.

So relaxing, fun and CHEAP! 🙂


Then on Labour’s Eve we went to Zouk for the CLEO’s Bachelor’s Party.

#9. At the back of the Red Saga 🙂

It was one of our cheap attempts to enter a club for free again.

You see, we had free passes for the Bachelor’s Party so we thought of just going in earlier, get the goodie bag and wait till it ends then we can club the night away!

Much to our surprise they actually shoo-ed us out after the party and to enter again we’ll have to pay cover charges.

So we ended up settling down at SS2 then headed to Asia Cafe in the Red Saga with laughing gas (inside joke) all poluting us. 🙂

It was really a lot of fun and worth sacrificing my study time. 🙂

And oh yeah, I am updating properly again with pictures all because I’m HOMEEEEEEE!!! 🙂

Yay to fast connections, double yay to Astro, triple yay to air-conditioner, many more yays for BFFs reunion!! Not forgetting yumcha with the silly b*tch Lee Sze Yean!!

Gotta squeeze all these fun in 5 days before my internship. 🙂

Ipoh Mali~

13 Feb

Hello from Ipoh!!!

Yeshhh, I’m back at my beloved hometown, birthplace, IPOH for the Chinese New Year.

I’m seriously excited about CNY this year, don’t know why maybe cause I bought quite many new clothes and can’t wait to officiate them!! 🙂

Okay, I know I haven’t been updating for too long, I’m gonna update everything that I’ve been up to now.


Watched ‘Drag Me to Hell’ with the room mates few days ago.

Lame show but enough to freak all three of us out like mad. -.-

It was the first phase of MAK.


Nothing much, just some performances at the Dewan Makan and some cocktail-party-like-thing after that.

#3. Guys in blue...

Chai and Pak Koon are some ‘big shots’ in the college, hence the same blue uniform. 🙂

#4. Louise

#5. Elensha

With the room mates. 🙂

#6. Ben

The theme that night was Garden, so everyone was either wearing white or green (according to the dress code).

Ben actually came with props as well!!

Ben oh ben… Unpredictable as always. 🙂

The day after MAK, Chai, Elen, Louise and I went to the Curve.

#7. Us four.

We were there to grab some last minute CNY things and luckily Elen and Louise found what they want. 🙂

Chai were not that lucky though so we went to pasar malam the next day.

No pictures cause it was too crowded and I don’t want to attract snatch-thieves’ attention.

After that, the Chinese Club had a be-earliered CNY reunion dinner.

This time, it’s at Yuen’s Steamboat. 🙂

#8. Jin Long Yu family~

Last year I had fun receiving ang paus, this year I had some fun giving out ang paus.

#9. Old(er) generations of the Jin Long Yu

We even prepared a small lucky draw session in between!


The red packets are our hand made ang paus with personalized messages for each one of them.

Lucky draw prizes are mostly related to food, like Jacob’s biscuit, Tiger biscuits, Lychee drink, chocolates, etc etc. 🙂

Of course, we weren’t the only ones there.

There were almost 120 people there that night, all from our college!


This is the Faculty of Economics gang. 🙂 Not all are in this picture though. Some didn’t hear us shouting.


This is with random people who happened to be nearby! 🙂

Entertainment aside, I had two weeks loaded with assignment due dates, presentations, tutorials and mid terms!!!

Not forgetting the water crisis in UM for almost 4 days. T.T

The connection was terrible at night, too hence the disappearance from here. Sorry!

But fear not, I’m on one week holiday!

I promise I will update as often as I can.

Happy Chinese New Year, people!