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Reunion Dinners!

20 Feb

Many said the CNY this year felt really short but I for one think it should really end soon (well, I only came to this realization on the day before Chap Goh Mei or something) because it’s another excuse for people (like me) to eat eat and EAT!

First you have reunion with the family and relatives…


Had a mini pot luck reunion again at my home after we got back from Ipoh…


Then reunion with college’s Chinese Club…

#3. Upon leaving college...

#4. With Mandy & Mei Wei

#5. With the family!


One table with ten girls and that was the amount we whallop! xD

And then there’s reunion with course mates, members from PEKUMA…


Then just this random dinner my parents decided to go on with because it was Chap Goh Mei…


First time trying this dish called, ‘Pun Choi’ and I think it’s yums! ๐Ÿ˜€

But seeeeeeeeriously… I think I had a bit too much of reunion dinners. >.<

Makan Session at Madam Yew’s

16 Oct

Just got back from the lecturer who taught me Macroeconomics 2 and was constantly there to guide us throughout the preparation of FEA Night – Madam Yew’s house!

She is such a dear to invite us all over for a small makan session, sort of like a celebration for the success of FEA Night. โ™ฅ

Most of the committees went and so we actually rented a bus to take us all there!

#1. Hello!

It was so much fun despite the hot weather and bad traffic out there.

#2. The common Friday evening traffic on Federal Highway

I was seating with a (not so) new friend, a junior – Kok Wan.

#3. Kok Wan & I

Well, technically he accompanied me after Pei Ling nicely ditched me again. Haha! But oh wells, all is good because we didn’t exactly remain seated in the bus. ๐Ÿ˜€

Pei Ling, Jo Ann, Kok Wan and I had a pretty good conversation all the way to Madam Yew’s house at Glenmarie Court.

First thing that greeted us was the HUGE houses there then even better, at Madam Yew’s we were welcomed with these…

#4. *drools

#5. Sushis!!!

#6. Green vege!!!

#7. Fried yam!!!

#8. *I don't know what!

Okay fine, Madam’s a vegetarian so we had catered vegetarian food so there were a lot of yummies there just now that I don’t know what is it supposed to be.


But really, they were all GOOOOOOOODDD!!! โ™ฅ




After dinner, we had some good chats with the lecturers, juniors and friends from the faculty!

And of course, in between them we camwhored a bit. =p



Well, just a bit you see because you can’t really snap around with lecturers talking in front of you. Haha.

And then we left at around 11pm.


Everything was just laid back and simple but really, I like it like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And the best part was actually on our way back, the bus driver was playing some emo love songs again so we sang along to it!

Everything was just so hilarious in an embarrassing way but hey, that’s the best part about being around friends right? ๐Ÿ™‚


FEA Night 2010

14 Oct

FEA Night 2010 was more than a success in terms of the way things went that night, the behind the scenes annoying, happy, sad, meletup moments are definitely fond memories.

#1. Us with representatives from OSK Investment Bank

I’m glad to have stepped out of the university social circle and got to know some working adults friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

#2. Us four

I’m most grateful to have worked with you three and went through all those ups and downs with you guys, as well as the UT bunch.

Things would have been disastrous without any of you girls and guys to hear me out when I’m whining and complaining when the critical moments hit (as usual).


And yes! We made it!

We proved those who said we were not going to make it wrong, and proved our capabilities; undergraduates of Faculty of Economics and Administration’s capabilities!

And it’s feedbacks like these that drive our spirits higher – to achieve miracles.

Dear Kim Leng (Acting Dean of my Faculty),

I must say a big ‘Thank you!’ for inviting me to the recent FEA Night.
I enjoyed it tremendously, as did the rest of the table, and from what we could gather by talking to others–those who attended.

We were so impressed by the fact that the event was entirely organized by FEA students. I have not seen this for too long at the FEA, or for that matter, at UM. The quality of organization was exceedingly high–from small details like a rose for the ladies at the end of the evening; to really the meaning of such a gathering. Speeches kept short and to the point; special attention to those who have just graduated; good food; and student participation from a humorous MC to music to event management.

The energy created was marvellous. I was moved most of all by the sense of camaraderie among the organization committee members of all races — our old ‘leaders’ could learn something from your young people. It was also very clear that you and the FEA staff are proud of your students, and have shown a close and caring attitude to their endeavours. You can be proud of the leadership and mentoring at FEA. It is not surprising that such a wonderful event was realized. It augurs well for the future of the students, and we can only hope that this can be carried to their future in service to the nation.

It was an inspirational evening for me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this experience. Of late, much of university development has been a disappointment to those old guards who lived through happier times.
FEA Night 2010 provided me with a ray of hope that FEA can infuse a better sense into our students to prepare them for the real life that awaits them.

Syabas: to you and your staff; and to the students who have emerged under your tutelage!

With best wishes

Siew Mun
(alumni, Ex-Chief Librarian of UM, current EXCO of MEA)

Behind the Scenes of the Big Night.

12 Oct

A bunch of close friends and I have been talking about FEA Night a lot since last month or so.

Main reason is obviously because most of us are sort of like the higher committees and we really put in a lot of effort to do everything which includes…


Putting up banners…


Taking care of the registration counters almost everyday for the past week…


Taking orders for roses…


And then packing all 180 of them…


Drawing and cutting all those little little details for decoration sake…


And then putting them up…


Getting all the other decoration things ready (in this case is to blow almost 100 balloons)..


And then putting them up to the arch…

(p.s: Model in picture not included)



Designing all the welcome cards and booklets…


Registration and all other paper works that were involved…




And of course, getting and even preparing gifts for the big night.

There were other things that were involved obviously but pictures just won’t catch those moments like fretting over which hotel to go to, planning the budget, inviting VIPs, begging asking people to go and more.

Nevertheless, all our hard work are paid off when people come to us with a pat on the back and said, “Good job!”

Those two magic words seem to just wash all our tiredness, pain and annoyance away. ๐Ÿ™‚

To those of you who have lifted a helping hand to make FEA Night a success as it turned out to be, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The few of us may be involved with a lot of work but the night wouldn’t have turn out the way it did without the support from you guys.

You know who you are. So thank you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


FEA Night 2010

16 Sep

It’s definitely way past normal bed time now but I am so super hyped up!

Okay, not like I have been sleeping at the normal hours but *sits up straight* THE WRITING MOJO IS HERE!

It is definitely, obviously, positively correlated (wtf?) to the fact that the FEA Night 2010’s publicity has been extra *KABOOM BOOMย POW POW* all outย tonight!

Posters, videos, repeated awesome articles from super cun people’s been popping up on the FB news feed since 10pm!

So how can my miss out right?!

FEA Night 2010 this year (pretty obvious duh from the name 2010 =.=) is pretty different from previous years.

Not only because this year it’s going to be a lot grander (not that previous years haven’t been grand but this year it’s grand to the power of maybe 10947105871058), it’s the first year ever that it is wholly solely organized by UNDERGRADUATES!

“Chew, so what?” I hear you say?

Eh hello, when we undergraduates are the ones organizing, it is definitely COOLER AND WAY MORE FUN since we are of the same wave lengths!

We know what you guys (I think my readers consist of mostly younger people) want and do not want to see in an event like this!

What more, we’re having it at…

Hilton PJ HOTEL!!!!

Nope, it’s not IN the university and our tickets are unreasonably CHEAP!

Well, don’t expect RM10 or RM20 lah, let’s just be realistic (*cough* see previous post) you don’t get a proper event with just RM20 anymore nowadays.

Even college ones make you pay RM100 AT LEAST regardless of you wanting to go or not.

And we’re even giving out free MASKS ok! Not just some lau-chi-pek masks you get from a 5 years old birthday party, it’s really those nice masks you see grown-ups wear to dinner!

Even Zorro’s mask cannot beat our mask!

And the most ultimate reason to go is…

The Faculty of Economics haven’t had such a big event like this for many many many years already. If you still want to see more of these events, come and show your support.

Or else FEA is going to be another empty building with lecture halls for lifeless undergraduates to listen to boring lecturers.

Just the thought of that makes me seriously sad already. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But oh wells, we have FEA Night 2010 and you should seriously come join us!

Okay, special offer to readers of my blog who register after reading this post.

If you’re a girl, I’ll get a drop dead gorgeous hunk to give you a stalk of rose that night, with picture of you guys taken together.

If you’re a guy, I’ll intro you to a HOT chick that night itself, get you her number and get a picture taken together. WITH DSLR!

No, I’m not talking about myself, don’t worry. I am very serious with my offer!

Just come to me with your ticket after you’ve registered and I will secretly grant you this offer if you pai seh want to leave a comment here. ๐Ÿ˜€

Details are as below!



See! Even our posters are so nice already!

Faster register with us and get your ticket! ๐Ÿ˜€

If you really want more information, who has already RSVP and stuff, go visit our FB page *click on words please ๐Ÿ™‚ *

Hope to see you guys there! ๐Ÿ˜€

Of Productive Saturdays!

6 Sep

Some pictures from the PEKUMA and FEA Night committee photo shoot that I missed out on earlier.

#1. Meddy, Pei Ling, Jo Ann, Lik Sheng and I


And just last Saturday, PEKUMA got invites to the OSK Investment Tips Seminar!

#3. Seats reserved for PEKUMA

#4. Some of us who went

The seminar was really insightful to me, personally.

The speakers kept saying those wereย just the fundamentals but guess what, we’re not even exposed to the basics in our syllabus so it was really good!!!

#5. One of the speakers, Chris

#6. Speakers from OSK

So after the seminar, there were light refreshments and then we went around mingling with some of the OSKIC officers we got to know from earlier events andย also representatives of other IPTA/IPTS.

#7. Liew, Paul, Madelyn and Jo Ann

#8. Us with Jacky, Danny, Louis and Steve

ย At about 1pm-ish we moved on to Petaling Street to help prepare some stuffs for FEA Night.

We all became members of the souvenir department that day. ๐Ÿ˜€


Goof-ed around in Lik Sheng’s comfy house. ๐Ÿ˜€

#10. The attempt to really test KKL's existence. >.<


Then straight from Lik Sheng’s house off I went to Empire for dinner with Aunt Lowell!

It’s always fun to meet her and the family because of these two cuties!!!

#12. Qii Qii

#13. Hung Hung

We were treated to yummy-licious mooncakes by Xin Yi after dinner!

#14. Haagen-Dazs!

Another day productively spent! โ™ฅ

#15. This kid is โ™ฅ!!!

OSKIC Grand Launching

19 Aug

#1. PEKUMA at Bursa Malaysia

A group of 25 of us went in 6 cars to Bursa Malaysia just last Monday!

I was really excited the night before as I was one of the drivers and I have completely no sense of directions. And to only make things worst, I hate driving in KL.

Not forgetting that this was almost like the first outing we (PEKUMA) have together with seniors and juniors! So of course I’m excited!

I jumped out of bed at 6.45am sharp (and that’s impressive because I usually let my phone snooze for at least twice before I really get up) then got myself prepared and drove to the faculty.

The usual wait done, then off we went to Bursa!

Well, before literally going into Bursa of course we settled down at McD’s for breakfast first. ๐Ÿ˜€

#2. Gang at McD's

#3. One of my favourite shots that day!

After that, we got ourselves registered for the ceremony, got our goodies bag and waited patiently for the event to start.


#5. Bright young generations of PEKUMA. ๐Ÿ™‚

#6. A mix of upcoming stars and current ones.

#7. FEA's Most Eligible Bachelors? ๐Ÿ˜€

The ceremony started with speeches from the VIPs then it was the grand launching.

#8. Mr Ong Leong Huat, delivering his speech

#9. YBhg Dato' Yusli Mohamed Yusoff, CEO Bursa Malaysia

Then we had some refreshments and after that, group pictures!

#10. Some of us who went.

#11. Group picture! (including me behind the camera)

#12. The higher committees of PEKUMA

#13. Candid one (well, for me and Madelyn at least)

And picture of the day, would of course be…

#14. YDP Liew & I

*cough cough* *Pei Ling, you’ve got any picture with him anot?* *cough cough* ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh well, this post is titled OSKIC Grand Launching, which means the challenge has already started, which also means I would be busy investing (during trading hours only of course) which also means there might just be lack of updates. :p

But do wish me luck people, I want to get that Acer netbook!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

PEKUMA, The Upcoming Student Organization in UM

8 Aug

I have the Convocation Celebration to update on but something else is on my head and I really want to put it up first.

Well, PEKUMA (Persatuan Ekonomi Universiti Malaya) hasn’t been that active for the past two years – this is a well known fact.

A friend of mine saw something about it and immediately has visions on how to revive it.

So off the few of us go for the interview for the top posts, all showing our bit of support for my dear friend who is so keen in changing our reputation as Economics students.

Thankfully, (almost) all of us got the posts we wanted but to be honest, I’m just glad we’re all in this revolution thingy together.

All these just shows how united we are because we’re not simply just taking over a student organization, we’re kicking start from scratchย to activities never before mentioned what more done,ย in the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

We are taking one step at a time. I know we have limited time but we are doing what we can, trust me.

Unfortunately, at times like these, there are still people, outsiders who talk and think badly of us.

It’s saddening to hear remarks and comments like that.

I know it could be out of concern at times but perhaps it’s the way of saying it that makes it seem like you guys are jealous of us.

Afraid of usย topping you guys as one of the top student organizations in the university?

Haha, that would be seriously THE joke of the century because we should be working TOGETHER instead of worrying all these.

Perhaps we’ve been silent for so long but it doesn’t mean that the Faculty of Economics has got no talent.

Just watch and see, we could be even better than you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh well, for the least my President is a constant Dean’s lister. And has great knowledge on what’s going on outside instead of just being so-called rulers in the university.

Grow up, seriously.

For the record, we’ve had two sessions of interviews and the numbers were so encouraging, we’re having our third session!

Be part of the revolution if you haven’t come for the first two sessions! ๐Ÿ˜€

The effectiveness of an organization is not something you can pass on from the generations before us, it solely depends on who’s running it.

Give us just a bit more time and faith, we can do it (providing you guys show us some support too!) ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s: Don’t get me wrong. No intention to show off or something, just wanted to speak my mind out.

The First Event.

30 Jul

Today is the first day the few of us attended a function as the board of directors of PEKUMA.

Just like we hoped for, Liew is the newly elected Yang DiPertua. ๐Ÿ˜€

And he is sure serious about his responsibilities – first meeting’s date has already been set!

So yeah, Liew, Madelyn, Foo Seong, Lik Sheng and I went back to the faculty to attend the I-Week’s opening ceremony.

#1. The arrival of VIPs

Yes! Spot Liew among the VIPs!!! So proud of him *sob sob* =p

Ceremony started with the usual speeches…

#2. Prof Dr Goh Kim Leng

#3. Director of I-Week 2010

#4. Assoc. Prof Dr Fatimah Kari

Then it was the opening ceremony gimmick…

#5. VIPS with gimmick

#6. The crowd

Well, it’s time for me to play that role again!

The role of a deputy director/president/Yang DiPertua. ๐Ÿ™‚

People ask why am I always the deputy instead of the Director/President.

Thing is, I’ve been in both positions and I enjoyed myself much more when I’m the deputy.

And I get to see and learn more things when I’m the Deputy. When you’re following a different Director, you get to see different ways of leadership and management. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I’m better off assisting than taking charge as well! Hehe!

So yup, I’m gonna do my best assisting Liew in making PEKUMA alive again! ๐Ÿ˜€

p.s: Pictures are all taken with my new baby! โ™ฅ