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2010 At a Glance!

1 Jan

Well, new year’s here and before I go on blabbering about my 2011 new year’s resolution, I think I should do a bit of recap of year 2010.

Year 2010 went by really quick for me. I think it’s because it was really eventful so I didn’t realize the months go by.

The first half of the year wasn’t much. The so-called highlight in that duration would be my internship, of course. 🙂

#1. The awesome QA Team!

Well, I won’t go on detail again cause I remember doing a few posts on my internship earlier.

Long story cut short, it was heaps of fun and my work mates are really nice people! They all made it so hard for me to say goodbye on my last day though I was looking forward to university again. 😉

And one thing that came new during internship was that my course mates and I became much much closer!

So, I was really looking forward to university because something big was waiting for me! 😀

#2. PEKUMA's board of directors

Yeap! A few silly friends of mine and I decided to do some ‘community service’ and joined PEKUMA. That’s the Economics Society of University of Malaya.

Truth to be told, when I was a junior, I didn’t hear much from them. So we decided to just make PEKUMA more known among the undergraduates, juniors especially. So what have we done you ask?

FEA Night 2010 was the highlight of our first semester, at PEKUMA. Here are the posts on preparations, actual day and the so called after party!

We have more big and small scaled activities coming up, so just wait and see! 🙂

Then, in between the tensions and fuss over FEA Night 2010 with the course mates, I had quite some good times with my buddies from college!

#3. Convocation!

Convo’s one of the highlights of year 2010 to me. Mainly because most of the seniors that I’m really close to have left college and university and that makes me a senior officially in the college.

It’s not easy being a good senior I would say. Good in the sense that you’re fulfilling your responsibilites yet being approachable among the first year juniors.

Unfortunately I chose to withdraw myself instead. Mainly because I think I want to try something else instead, which is why I chose PEKUMA.

Then there’s CC Trip.


and also the annual photoshoot with all the members for the CC magazine!

#5. My family at college!

These two activities brought me lots of emotions I would say.

It’s just the thoughts of graduating and leaving college, this place I call home throughout my university years for good makes me sad. Sad because I’ll be separated from my awesome friends and room mates since most of them are from different states in the nation.

I’m sure we can meet up with buses and trains and planes now being so convenient but hey, we would all be working or perhaps married, even and we’re going to be so caught up with new routines then.

I’m just sad because I know, I will never meet such real down-to-earth simple friends after this. My room mates especially. They’ve been so supportive in every way and they’re just irreplaceable. Sigh.

It’s also during these two activities that made me realized I did one of the biggest mistakes ever months ago. My decision to break up, that is. So yup, I managed to mend the broken pieces and we’re an item now again! ♥

In short, year 2010 has been eventful mainly because I’ve met so many new and old friends along the way. And it’s also just this year that I realized I’m very attached to the family. Much more than I’ve always thought I was, which explains why I’m always at home now. 🙂

I would say it’s been a great year! Of course, I went down some pitholes in between but every time I’m down there, there will be a friend’s hand reaching out to pull me out almost immediately. 🙂

And for that, I think I’m really blessed to have such great friends, family and boyfriend.

(p.s: The order above did not symbolize the importance of them in my life okay!)

So yeah, what will my 2011 resolutions be?

I just want to make sure I’m going to be a better girlfriend, friend and daughter. And of course, student for the first half of the year and employee for the second half! 🙂

Just yeah, to be a better person. Sounds really simple but hey, I think that’s tough! That’s 5 roles to juggle! 🙂

So what are your new year resolutions? Have 2010 been good to you as well?

I Will Be Back!

9 Oct

I have many many blog posts pending.

CC Trip, random happenings around college/university and FEA Night!

But I’ve been busy, really busy.

So I will update but not sure when.

I will! Just wait ok.

Till then, take care! 🙂

Of Post with Pictures, finally.

5 Apr

I’m back with a post with pictures finally.

I know I am way behind time so I’ll just update which ever comes into my mind first. 🙂

Malam Anugerah Kurshiah

5th March 2010

#1. Louise & Hung Tong

#2. Tong & I

#3. Best Project Award! 🙂

Jeng jeng~ Best part of the night!

My project was awarded as one of the best projects in college!

All thanks to the ever supportive members I have. 🙂

#4. Jia Li & I

One of the supportive members I had. 🙂

#5. Louise & Elen

My two silly room mates who looked gorgeous that night. 🙂

#6. Chai & I

With the boyfriend.

My late baby Canon died halfway through the event so not much pictures after that.

Pesta Tiong Hua 5

This time, I was sort of like the advisor for PTH. 🙂

#7. Qi Wen

This was taken during one of the first few rehearsals.

She’s the informal MC for the big night.

#8. Joshua "on duty"

Joshua acted in the drama as one of the guards in heaven.

This of course is not one of the scenes.

Then the actual night,

#9. Chai Xu Kang as the "Maharaja Jed"

Any idea what’s that called in English?

His costume alone costs more than RM200 rental. O.o

All for less than 5 minutes on the stage.

PTH 5 damn rich kan.

#10. Bee Theng & Swee Sin

They were in their goddess costumes.

Really pretty right? 🙂 Swee Sin’s the lead actress!

And the best pic of the night is…

#11. The gangster and I

Me with the gangster who looked more like a pirate! 🙂

And why was I with all the cast of the drama on the actual night?

Cause I was the one to bring the next performers on stage after each performance.

So sad right my job. I was like isolated from the rest.

Sigh. But anyway, I managed to watch ‘the gangster’ in action in the end so it’s still okay.:)

CC Night

25th March 2010

This is sort of like the closing-ceremony of the Chinese Club.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to make it that well.

All we can do is to hope the juniors are going to make it better next year.

Getting lazy so will just upload a few of my personal favourites.

#12. C310 with Mrs Ang. 🙂

#13. Mandy, Qi Wen, Jin Hai, Bei Shan & I

#14. With my CCC family. 🙂

That’s about it for now.

Probably will post on my outing with the Econs gang after this.


30 Dec

It was just about an hour ago we parted ways and went back to our rooms, but I really want to blog everything before this excitement goes off!

I had (yet another) one of the best nights just now! 🙂

It started off with a simple dinner at Picadilly near Section 14.

The place is really nice and the food is super reasonable!


His Lemon Chicken Rice at about RM6++


My Thai Fried Rice at RM6++ also. 🙂

#3. Us. 🙂

The 5th month is coming, hence the dinner.

Nothing extravagant but I guess you guys must have known by now that I’m such a laid back (lazy) person that a simple dinner like this makes me extremely happy already. 🙂

Then we got back to surprise Louise, whose birthday had just passed like a week ago.

#4. Louise & the green cake

We purposely got her the pandan layered cake cause her favourite colour is green! 🙂


Okay, the cake looks extra green here because of the lighting lah. 😉

And I must say, the King’s bakery at Section 14 is really good!

A lot of bakeries end up scribbling the words instead of really writing it out but this, not only it’s read-able, it’s also actually nice!

It was a really nice gathering with loads of jokes and laughter.


And this is why I chose to stay in 3rd college. 🙂


31 Aug







Steamboat with the Choongs

24 Aug

Last Thursday, Pa took us to steamboat for dinner as my 21st birthday celebration. 🙂

Mom asked me earlier if I wanted a party or something but I told them I didn’t have the mood for any celebration this year.

But I do feel like eating steamboat!!!

And so…



I especially like this kind of steamboat, instead of those in fancy restaurants cause the environment matters too.

It’s the hot and sweaty feeling that comes with it that makes it all even nicer!!

And my sisters and I can laugh out loud to Pa’s lame jokes as well.

If we were at a fancy place, we will have to be nice and polite. Urgh.

Anyway, as Xinyi was around also, we had…



I’m not a big fan of crabs but that night I enjoyed it very much too!!! 🙂

Oh well, let me just post some random pictures we took from that night’s dinner…


Took this in the car on the way to the steamboat place. It looked like it was going to rain…


XinYi with the finally-grown-up-brother. 🙂


Fei and I. Was wearing a dress bought by XinYi from one of those random shoppings we done earlier.


Did I mention she LOOVEESS crabs???

I took a picture of her mountain of crab shells, but I reached my limit on flickr for this month already. 😦

Then, last Saturday, we went for dinner at Chili’s!!!

It was supposedly for my 21st also, a treat from XinYi but actually it was another one of those random fancy dinners XinYi promised on buying when she’s on her generous mood. 🙂

Either way, we had our tummies filled with good good food that night. Hehe.

Will update on it another time. 🙂

Laughter is Indeed the Best Medicine.

25 Jul

There’s so much to update about but I don’t have pictures with me. 😦

Just a little update on what I’ve been up to, k?

I officially went to the SS2 pasar malam last Thursday and had a blast!! It’s been a loooong time since I last laughed so hard, I almost suffocated.

Another simple yet memorable outing thanks to the wonderful friends who went with me. 😀

Then on Friday went and watched this…BF207

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!!

I don’t care what you guys have got to say but I seriously enjoyed the movie!!

And to watch those characters that I know are going to die in the final book, argh, it was so super saddening! 😦

The ticketing was a bit troublesome but in the end everything was settled so it’s still a nice day!!!

Hmmm.. What would I do if I don’t have my ‘sisters’ and the guys in university with me?

I’ll probably suffer from depression then jump off the Dewan Tunku Chancellor.

Not the highest building in UM, I think but it’s a pretty grand place to die at, I guess. Haha!

It’s really, really, reeeaaallyyy nice to hang out and laugh like that after all the activities and late night meetings. 😀

And I’m home again now. Just had dinner at Pizza Hut and I laughed and talked a lot as usual.

It feels great to finally laugh like that again. HAHAHA!!!

Currently addicted to-

To my dearest lil’ brother…

15 Jun

Dear Boy,

Sorry your ignorant sister is not around to celebrate your birthday with you but I’ve prepared a little something for you! 😀

Gift Voucher!

Gift Voucher!

Surprise, surprise!!! Hehe!

I know lah, very obvious it’s a last minute work but I did this in between my work and I’ve tried my best already! You should know your sister’s a buta-IT by now…

Anyways, my dearest little brother, you may be stepping in to your adulthood in the near future but you are always a child to me.

Come to me or any of your sisters if you need an advice.

Don’t listen to your friends only.

They are at the exploring stage as well, just like you, so don’t expect them to know more than you.

Your sisters on the other hand are different. We’ve been through the phase you’re going through now so, come to us, k??

And study real hard, boy. Really.

Though you’re only at Form 2, this stage of your education is equally as important.

This is when you work hard to build a strong foundation to what ever that comes later.

Don’t screw it up, boy. We all have high hopes in you!

Also, boy, I wish you all the best in everything; basketball, girl(s) and everything else.

Don’t even think of giving up if you haven’t tried your best.

Grow tall, stop repeating the same things so many times and you’ll get girls chasing after you. You’re my brother after all. The good genes are there!

Finally, happy 14th birthday!! Miss you & everyone else at home (including Happy)! *hugs*

Specially for Darda!

27 May

It’s someone’s big big day today!

We’re like don’t know how many thousand kilometres away so I’m really sorry I can’t come over and celebrate with you, darda!

Anyways, here’s a post just for you!

I was just thinking, if there wasn’t 27th May in the calendar, which means if you didn’t exist, what would I be?

If there weren’t you, I won’t have someone to go sing-K with me and go out of tune, together.


#1. Red Box

Without you, we won’t have anyone nice anymore in the group cause all of us are plain evil 


#2. The angel

Without you, no one would take silly pictures with me… 



  Without you, C217 of year 2009/2010 won’t be complete…

#4.Roommates-to-be =)

Without you, our famous trademark pose won’t be complete either…



#6.Trademark again!!

Without you, the Elen we all adore so much, life will just be incomplete…










In short, 27th May is another very important date for me in the calendar cause it’s your birthday!!!
Happy 21st Lun Lun!!!
Stay pretty, stay hot, stay silly, stay clumsy…
Just continue being you, Elen!

#13.I LOVE YOU!!


17th-27th April 2009

30 Apr
Remember I mentioned I was going to blog about the random trips/things/outings I did/went during the exam week?

I realized I didn’t consistently take pictures everyday cause

everything was so routined that week. And it’s the same group of people;
Chai, Pak Koon, Ang, Louise, Elen, Wei Kuan and me.

We’ll wake up around noon then meet at the dining hall (Dewan Makan, DM) at 12.30pm then lunch then we’ll all walk to the library (on weekdays) or other studying spots then we’ll spend the whole day there then leave around 6pm for dinner and some time for ourselves then meet up again at 8pm then study until we’re sleepy, usually around 4 or 5 in the morning.

Hardworking leh?

Hehe. But, of course we fit in fun whenever we can (which is quite often cause Louise and Ah Chai are happy people when they are together, wtf).

Pictures from some special days cause got some reasons which I forgotten what that made me feel like taking pictures. Haha.

19th April 2009
Louise wasn’t back yet.
Went walking around UM with Elensha cause I’ve never been to the varsity lake

What? That lake is far lah!

#1. During the day we were at Dataran Za’ba, doing the obvious.

We really didn’t pose ok!

We bumped into Allen on our way to the lake.
He was going around UM taking pictures as he’s leaving back to UNIMAS soon.
We decided to walk together, the more the merrier!!
#2. Elensha, on our way to DTC

#3. DTC…

#4. …also got exam mood

#4. Elen

Oh oh!!! There was actually a small pond in front of DTC with a LOOOOT of nice fishes!
I know lah, UM people sure say I outdated but who goes to the DTC for fun just to see if they have fishes. *defensive*

#5. Fishies in the surprisingly clear pond/pool/whatever you call it lah =)

#6. Elen & Allen

20th-26th April 2009
The Nothing-Special-So-We-SS Days

#7. Chai

#8. Before, After

#9. Ang, the most hardworking one

#10. For some reasons I like taking pictures of her!! XD

Oh, picture #11 got story one!
Chai was having a hard time studying his notes
cause he claimed that they were too boring so we decorated it!!!
27th April 2009
KL Outing Day
To buy Chai and Pak Koon’s bus tickets

#12. Lemon Boy

#13. Boss, sedekah-lah, boss

#14. Ok! I give up!

#15. Lai lai, pegang tangan.. Takut nanti kena culik la har…

#16. The famous Cat Eye Drink in Petaling Street

#17. Lost child in Pudu Bus Station

#18. Loo and I

I look kinda naked in picture #18, wtf.
Cannot blame me ok…
I got no more clothes to wear cause it was the end of the week already.
Belum basuh baju. Hehe.

So yup, that pretty much wraps up my exam week for the second semester. I’m only home for two days and I miss college already.. *sigh*