Cheers on Getting Old!

4 Sep

My boyfriend’s birthday is a day before mine so we had our mini celebration together last Friday!

I think I finally understand Audrey now when she said something about it being less fun when our birthdays are so near each other’s. It’ll somehow end up as just one of our birthdays, if you get what I mean.

So obviously for my case, I was the Queen of the day! Ahaha! Chai picked up me after work and treated me to dinner then movie after that! Even got me a present that I picked myself. 😀

What did he get I hear you ask? Oh well, best present of all obviously – that is to be able to spend quality time with me! FHL! 😛

#1. Chai's King of Pig from K5


Yes yes his eyes were half closed but it’s the only picture of us from that night that looks okay.

#3. Punishment for being late.

His punishment of course! Ehehe!


Another one just to make me happy! 🙂

#5. Something I chose for myself 🙂


#6. Dinner!

Dinner was at the restaurant (of my choice) and it was superb! If you don’t already know, it was at Johnny’s!

It’s his first time so I pretty much made sure he tried everything I loved from there. End up our table (for four) was full with dishes! 😀


At this point, we have already whacked one bowl of Tom Yam Bihun and one plate of BBQ Chicken Spinach Noodles. yums!

#8. Mixed Dessert!

We were super full until we couldn’t even finish our steamboat but what is a meal without desserts, right? 😀

Rushed to the cinema after that, even missed some of the beginnings but I’m really glad we chose to watch this!

#9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

Don’t really remember what Planet of the Apes’s about but I sort of remember how silly I used to think it was, to have walking and talking apes in a movie. Not to mention how scary some of them looked. (No offense to fans!)

But this prequel is gooooooodd!! I really enjoyed the movie but it’s kinda sad how Caesar became from this…


to this…


But oh well, like what Summer from 500 Days of Summer said, “What always happen happens – life”

So the movie pretty much was the finale of my birthday celebration. 🙂 This year, stranger than ever my big day went by just like any other day. I know how this is how it’s supposed to be – it is after all, just another day.

I used to always emphasized how big birthdays were and how celebrations should be planned by people who truly care about you. If there were no celebrations, then sucks to be you but no one cares. LOL!

This year however, I realized celebrations, cakes, candles, presents, etc are all kinda over the top. What really matters is to have people you hold close to your heart with you.

And that should apply every day, not just on birthdays so see how birthday is just any other day of the year? 🙂 Guess this is a sign of old age!

But thank you Bee for the wonderful outing! I really really reeeaaally enjoyed myself! 🙂 Let’s save up for more dinners at nice restaurants!

Trip to the Elephant Sanctuary!

1 Sep

So as promised many many days ago, this is on the trip to the Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah!

Both Fei and I were extremely excited about it because… hey, we’re talking about real life elephants okay! What is there not to be excited right?


The gentle giants are really really adorable! Probably they are very well-trained too that’s why their cuteness doubled and tripled all the way!


Despite their ‘animal odour’, Fei and I couldn’t keep our distance from them the whole trip!



Adorable max! Especially when they go mandi!! 😀


You get to feed them too! Most of them prefer peanuts to fruits so if you’re going to visit them, stock up on peanuts!


But just so you know, being cute is one thing, feeding them and enduring that splat of saliva on your palm is another. >.< Thank goodness I volunteered to take pictures so I didn’t have to go through that! 😀


Even got to ride on them after that! Many complained about their rough skin and stuff but really, I adore them to bits!!! Look closely at their faces and you’ll see how gentle they look, how manja they really are! 🙂


See! They even know how to pose for pictures!

So yup, that pretty much wraps up about the elephant trip. Gotta head to bed now since I’m working tomorrow! Yesss I’m finally working! 😀

Touring Around KL – Batu Caves

5 Aug

The relatives from abroad have been very fond of Malaysia since their first visit so they have been coming back with different groups of people for a few years now.

As for the family, we’ve always loved having more people at home so whenever guests from near or far come we would be extremely excited about it! 😀

This time around, I didn’t get to join their tour plans all week but I managed to self-invite whenever I can. Hehe!

#1. Batu Caves!


I must admit, it’s a really nice place to take touristy pictures!


The flight of stairs almost killed me though! At one point I felt like I was falling backwards. >.<


But since we were there, we might as well make it all the way to the top! 😀

I actually liked the place because the monks (I think) were really helpful and friendly! They insisted on giving us some blessings and kept telling us “It’s free!” LOL Maybe Fei and I had the kiam-sap look 😛

After a long flight of stairs (very long one indeed!) and some scary encounters with the monkeys, we left Batu Caves and headed to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.

But I would like to keep that for another post cause I have loads to tell!

Have a good weekend ahead people!

2nd August 2011

4 Aug

The big date was two days ago but I’ve been so sick I spent at least 18 hours on sleeping that day!

Nevertheless, just a quick one to mark the importance of that day!

2nd August 2011 marks the second year we have been together! We haven’t managed to celebrate but the boy got this sent that day!


It may not be the most exclusive bouquet I’ve seen but it’s definitely the sweetest one I’ve received! The effort behind this dozen of roses and thoughts of getting it sent to my doorstep – priceless! ♥

Thank you Bee for the wonderful surprise! Sure got me smiling up until today! 🙂

Little Figures, Big Smiles.

24 Jul

I traded a day of rest and chill (boring) moments at home for them!

#1. Hung hung!

#2. Qii Qii!

These two siblings have totally different personalities! One would be running up and down, climbing every box/shelf in his way while the other spends the whole day doodling/reading.

So after reading Qii her Disney Princess-themed book, I chased the little boy around the house for a bit. Not long after that, I surrendered because he is seriously energetic! I settled down to help Qii with her homework instead and was pretty impressed or more like shocked to see what kids at kindergarten are actually doing.



This little girl actually did so well in both the subjects, in fact all the subjects that she had homework that day! Impressive!

#5. All smiles after homework!

And after she completed all her work she sat down with an A4 paper and a pencil then started drawing a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse blowing off candles on a cake then said, “Mun Mun jie jie, this is for your birthday.”

The drawing sure made my day! 🙂

Oh well, it’s Sunday night already so there goes the weekend.

Have a good week ahead everyone! Last week of July already!

Of Carlsbergs, Harry and Assessments

20 Jul

For unknown reasons, I feel super happy this morning when I woke up!

Probably because I haven’t had my usual 11hours sleep since Friday (oh, so I do know the reason :p) and a sleep-deprived me is super grumpy.

And yes, I need 11 hours of sleep so I was just counting to myself if I start working and needs to wake up at say, 6am everyday I will have to sleep at 7pm! wtf I’ll probably still be in the office at 7pm =.=

So anyways, things got a little busy last week. 🙂 – happy face because I feel so productive!

Yean needed an emergency meeting with us so Cass and I had a mini drinking session with her last Wednesday. 🙂


Okay, so it wasn’t really that mini cause we had quite a lot of beer that night. Well, they had most of it, I stopped after my second cup of Carlsberg cause I really don’t fancy beer. >.<

And it was so last minute, Cass and I were in the wrong dress codes for a drinking session like that. LOL But it was a really good meet up I would say. 🙂

On Thursday, I managed to meet up with my favourite friends to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We bought our tickets a week before that so not only did we managed to get tickets on that day itself, we got pretty good seats. 🙂


As usual, we dined at one of the shops with pretty good food, comfortable environment and best of all, really really reasonable prices!



Us messing around with the iPad 2 at the store and when we couldn’t keep the original copy, we decided to take pictures of them. 🙂

The movie was really really gooooood! And I’ve been telling this over and over again, but when Voldemort died in the movie, I was actually really sad because that means it’s really over. 😦

Then on Friday, we had a networking dinner with the Boston Consulting Group. 🙂

#5. The Poo Couple!

#6. Sayang & I

The night would’ve been better if more people could come *tsk Pei Ling please sedar I’m talking about you 😛 * but it was still good to see everyone after such a long time. Hehe!

Then the following days were occupied with assessments after assessments and interviews. And yeah, that was the exhausting part of the week because whenever I have an interview coming up, I would be half awake all night. >.<

So it’s Wednesday already and I haven’t had any yumcha sessions this week. Should probably plan something. 🙂 Have a good week people!


13 Jul

Over and over again, people ask me “What sort of position are you looking for in this organization?”

I find myself thinking hard, listing all the departments they have in my head, going through the departments and their job scopes and trying to relate myself to them. Somehow, I always say something very general for the sake of getting through that question.

Up until today, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t really think hard enough or it’s plainly because I wasn’t meant to enter that organization or that field in particular.

People always say, do something you love and you know, that’s not even a job to you anymore.

But how much of reality can you apply to that? Can you really just do something you’re so passionate about without taking into considerations, the prospects of it in the long term and of course, how much are you going to take home every month?

Or how much your parents have hoped and expected to see of you, after years of effort and never-ending sacrifices?

Never before have I given much thought to how I would want to pursue something I’m really passionate about, up until today.

I’ve heard to recordings, watched videos and I’m even reading an article based on a true story which is 100 pages long. And after every piece of material, I feel so motivated, so determined about doing something and I’m even cracking my head, preparing myself for the coming assessment.

Why. Why do I have to doubt my choices now.

The rebel in me died off long ago, and I don’t think I want to go against my parents anymore.

But if I don’t do this now, will opportunities like these come again?

So many questions. So many doubts.