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I want to…

3 May

I want to know how was LeeHom’s concert.

I want to go shopping.

I want to go to the cinema.

I want to go clubbing.

I want to know how is he doing. *ahem* XD

I want to know how are Timon and Pumbaa in Penang. You guys having fun?

I want to know where are we going for the PM camp.

I want to know why I can’t sleep any earlier than 4 in the morning.

I want to know why all guys like to sweet talk and give wrong signals to girls. Idiots.

I want to know if there’s anyone out there with answers to any of my questions.

All Girls Night Out

1 May
The girls and I went out for dinner at
Pasta Zan Mai, Mid Valley last night. We planned on going clubbing
after that but unfortunately, due to some problems, we ended up with dinner only.

#1. Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley

And, the pretty single ladies are…

#2. Candidate No. 1

Elensha Foong Ern Hang
She seeks for guys with great inner and outer beauty, just like herself! =)

#3. Candidate No. 2

Leong Hung Tong

She only wants guys that resembles Edward Cullen or DBSK, very realistic… XD

#4. Candidate No.3

Law Choon Roei

Prefers someone who’s tall, dark and handsome. Speaks Mandrin, too!

#5. Candidate No. 4

Kong Po Lian
Would want someone nice and takes
studies seriously.

#6. Candidate No.5

Louise Lai

She’s still available when in KL, would want someone
who doesn’t mind getting bullied by her

#7. Yours truly

Hahaha.. Not going to promote myself here. I shy lahh… XD

Okay, fine. I made up all the requirements myself lah..

Most are not true, I believe but some might be accurate,
from what I learn from them. Hehe.

Oh, there’s one more. But she’s no longer available.

#8. Mandy Au

She’s the one of the lucky girls in college, in fact I can say she’s the luckiest cause she’s attached to one of the good-looking *ahem* seniors in college. And he has a car too!!!

Random pictures ahead…

#9. Heavy traffic on Federal Highway
#10. CC Queen and I

#11. Elen & Jess Cullen

#12. Room mates digging into good food

#13. My Unagi Rice Set… Damn sedap!

Picture of the day up next….

#14. TADAA!!!

Tong tong was so excited cause she got free instant noodles.

Let’s have an all girls outing again in our second year girls! =)

Changed Person

30 Apr

This post is seriously random and unplanned. As usual, I spent the whole day surfing the net and since it is the third day, I am seriously getting sick of the Internet.

Just now, the BFF from Penang sent me an MMS. After some configuration thing-y, my phone can now retrieve MMS-es!!!

But, that is not the reason why I blogged. Thing is, Loi sent me this…
I am officially a, what they call, Buta IT.

I have no idea why that picture turns out terbalik. I tried rotating, editing over and over again but it still ends up like this.

Turns your heads around or turn your screens 180 degrees or simply edit it yourself lahh.


He told me he was going to dye his hair earlier, red somemore and I kept telling him not to do it.

Thank God it is not as bad as I thought. But according to him it’s because he’s in indoors that’s why it is not that bright.

His hair is one thing. I am sort of freaking out because of his pose also, wtf wtf wtf.

Since when you learn to take such pictures, Heng?!?!?!

With someone else’s phone some more!!

Labuan changed my BFF. *sobs* Give him back!!! XD
Can’t wait for you guys to be back so I can make fun of Heng. =)

17th-27th April 2009

30 Apr
Remember I mentioned I was going to blog about the random trips/things/outings I did/went during the exam week?

I realized I didn’t consistently take pictures everyday cause

everything was so routined that week. And it’s the same group of people;
Chai, Pak Koon, Ang, Louise, Elen, Wei Kuan and me.

We’ll wake up around noon then meet at the dining hall (Dewan Makan, DM) at 12.30pm then lunch then we’ll all walk to the library (on weekdays) or other studying spots then we’ll spend the whole day there then leave around 6pm for dinner and some time for ourselves then meet up again at 8pm then study until we’re sleepy, usually around 4 or 5 in the morning.

Hardworking leh?

Hehe. But, of course we fit in fun whenever we can (which is quite often cause Louise and Ah Chai are happy people when they are together, wtf).

Pictures from some special days cause got some reasons which I forgotten what that made me feel like taking pictures. Haha.

19th April 2009
Louise wasn’t back yet.
Went walking around UM with Elensha cause I’ve never been to the varsity lake

What? That lake is far lah!

#1. During the day we were at Dataran Za’ba, doing the obvious.

We really didn’t pose ok!

We bumped into Allen on our way to the lake.
He was going around UM taking pictures as he’s leaving back to UNIMAS soon.
We decided to walk together, the more the merrier!!
#2. Elensha, on our way to DTC

#3. DTC…

#4. …also got exam mood

#4. Elen

Oh oh!!! There was actually a small pond in front of DTC with a LOOOOT of nice fishes!
I know lah, UM people sure say I outdated but who goes to the DTC for fun just to see if they have fishes. *defensive*

#5. Fishies in the surprisingly clear pond/pool/whatever you call it lah =)

#6. Elen & Allen

20th-26th April 2009
The Nothing-Special-So-We-SS Days

#7. Chai

#8. Before, After

#9. Ang, the most hardworking one

#10. For some reasons I like taking pictures of her!! XD

Oh, picture #11 got story one!
Chai was having a hard time studying his notes
cause he claimed that they were too boring so we decorated it!!!
27th April 2009
KL Outing Day
To buy Chai and Pak Koon’s bus tickets

#12. Lemon Boy

#13. Boss, sedekah-lah, boss

#14. Ok! I give up!

#15. Lai lai, pegang tangan.. Takut nanti kena culik la har…

#16. The famous Cat Eye Drink in Petaling Street

#17. Lost child in Pudu Bus Station

#18. Loo and I

I look kinda naked in picture #18, wtf.
Cannot blame me ok…
I got no more clothes to wear cause it was the end of the week already.
Belum basuh baju. Hehe.

So yup, that pretty much wraps up my exam week for the second semester. I’m only home for two days and I miss college already.. *sigh*

Mission 003

28 Apr
Date: 26th April 2009
Venue: Somewhere around PJ
Task: To go Curry WanTan Mee again

I know, I know, what’s the big deal, right? It is almost the same as Mission 001.
Thing is, this time a total of 14 of us went.
First years in UM are not allowed to bring their cars into uni so we had a little difficulty arranging transport.
So, in the end, we went with two cars and three motors!

#1. Loo & Chai
-Motor No.1-

#2. Pak Koon & Wei Kuan
-Motor No.2-

#3. Super super senior, Adrian & Lemon Boy, Ang
-Motor No.3-

#4. Wei Kuan

I think this is the first time I put up his picture here, hence, a short intro..
Chua Wei Kuan,
Well known for his built and intimidating body

After a while, we began our journey!

I don’t know why but this time I was super excited!
Probably I was really hungry and this time is probably the last time we get to hang out like this for this semester. =(

#5. Sampat Ang sempat pose somemore.. -.-“

#6. Berhati-hatilah di jalanraya…
#7. US!!
#8. Hehe.. This two really make full use of the opportunities
to be this close once they’re out of college =)
#9. Chai
Purposely woke him up for this. Hehe.
Many friends from other colleges were telling us how envious they are with our college because the seniors mix and hang around with juniors without that certain gap.
Not trying to show off, but…
3rd’s seniors are indeed full of nonsense and fun, just like the juniors! XD
#10. Fun seniors that came and ber-gila with us

#11. Incomplete group pic

#12. How and Allen

#13. Aiyoh Jimmy… Why leave Wei Lun out like that… =)

#14. Fourteen bowls of Curry WanTan Mee!!!

#15. With the taller super super senior

#16. Adrian’s angels? XD

It was another memorable outing with the fellow college mates.

Gonna miss the few of them who is not going to be around next semester.


27 Apr
I’m back!!!

No, I don’t mean that I haven’t been updating enough or something but the ‘me’ I thought I lost earlier is back!!

I know what I want and how am I going to get it.

A big thank you to friends who supported me when I was down.

And not forgetting Xinyi, Fei, Mom and the rest at home who are always there to cheer me up through short visits with apples and Twisties, phone calls or even SMSes. I’m glad I didn’t go too far away from home.

Will update on the random trips I went during the exam week soon.

Oh yah, someone else is back too!! Guess who?

I’ll give you guys some clues…

She’s short and loves to call herself adorable but we prefer to label her as a dumb black.


Yes.. This full of nonsense girl is back.. XD

For the one in Labuan…

14 Apr
Its someone’s big day today!
And this someone is really special to me.
We’ve known each other for more than 3 years now.
3 years, not really that long but somehow, we managed to bond.
We even tried going out together but nah, our friendship is definitely more enjoyable than that.
So, who said a guy and a girl can never be just friends? =)

Together, we went to Port Dickson with a few others and that was the trip that brought us closer. Thank God you a bit thick faced that time and said you wanted to join us yourself. Hehe.

#1. PD trip
Our schooling days. How can I not mention them. Haha. This BFF happened to be my classmate too. Who disturbs me during Maths all the time. Ish.

Together, we skipped classes to collect newspapers,

#2. Newspaper collection days

Went on random school trips together,

#3. FRIM trip

Bullied Loi together at times, usually Loi and I bully him one

#4. US

Then, we graduated from school.

And spent almost every night together with Loi during that 6 months break.

Random trips to the shopping mall,

#5. With the super SS midget BFF from U.S.


#6. By the i-forgot-what-is-the-name beach
#7. In the airplane on the way back to KL

And CLUBS!!!

#8. woohoo~~~ I miss clubbing with you guys..

Then finally, the BFFs had to be separated. I know, I know, I should be at Labuan with you.. its not my fault I’m the…okay, not going to repeat that line again. XD

When I was at the airport to send you off, I really felt like crying. Its not fair for you guys to leave me alone here. Subang’s not the same without you guys.
But, I managed to hold back and kacau you. I know you don’t like emo girls. Hehe.

#9. SEE!! I was still smiling!! =)

Anyway, Heng, happy 21st! Hope you’ll have a great celebration there in Labuan that most probably involves liquor, so do take care of yourself k. Loi and I not there to jaga you so you better behave. =)
And please put an end to your singledom so that I’ll get a free meal Loi and I can stop worrying about you.
And, Heng, I know how ignorant I can be at times especially when I’m busy, so I’m sorry if I disappear every now and then. I may not call or SMS but that doesn’t mean I no longer care about you guys. You still must SMS to update me on Labuan k!!!
Lastly, happy 21st birthday again dear BFF. Miss you loads! *HUGS*

Pictures that make me smile everytime I see them. Hope they brightened up your day too!

p.s. I curi-ed these pics from FB. Hehe. So, thank you Jess and Dr
ey for tagging!!