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Will be back

6 May
This is a scheduled post.
Going to be away for PM (not Prime Minister, wtf) camp from 6th till 8th May.
Then on the 8th I will know if I am chosen. If I am chosen, I won’t be around till the next semester break. Hopefully I’ll get to sneak out every once in a while, so that I’ll get to see the BFFs. Hehe.

So, do wish me luck, don’t get lost in the forest, don’t drop into the mud, don’t get eaten by tigers (Haha, just kidding, no tigers lahh). And don’t miss me too much! Will update again as soon as I find the time. =)

I want to…

3 May

I want to know how was LeeHom’s concert.

I want to go shopping.

I want to go to the cinema.

I want to go clubbing.

I want to know how is he doing. *ahem* XD

I want to know how are Timon and Pumbaa in Penang. You guys having fun?

I want to know where are we going for the PM camp.

I want to know why I can’t sleep any earlier than 4 in the morning.

I want to know why all guys like to sweet talk and give wrong signals to girls. Idiots.

I want to know if there’s anyone out there with answers to any of my questions.


22 Apr

I just came up from the Bilik TV in my hostel, after talking to Wei Kuan, Pak Koon, Louise and Elensha.

We planned to study but the list of people who gets to stay in college just came out and what do you know, we all started talking about it.

Anyway, I managed to get over the anger I felt earlier for seeing names which I haven’t even heard before on the list but a few active ones don’t get to stay, so I am not going to talk about it anymore here.

Reason for this post is…

I feel a little lost lately.

Like I don’t know what is the point to study at such last minutes but I need to, cause I haven’t even been listening in classes.

Or why the hell am I so dumb that I need 3 hours to finish up one, just one small part of Public Administration.

And… I don’t know…

Something is really disturbing me but I can’t exactly say what it is, cause I don’t even know what.

At times, though I’m walking with a big group of close friends, I still feel terribly lonely.

It is not their fault at all, they are really nice people, nothing’s wrong with them, it’s ME.

Back to School

15 Apr

Just got back from SMK Seafield!!!
Yup, went back to collect my STPM cert.

Oh yah, for those of you who haven’t collect your certs, do go and get it quick. They are going to send them back to MPM, I don’t know when though.

And I tried getting for Loi, Heng, Yeem, Carol and the rest but the clerk won’t let me. She said if you guys are not around, only your parents can collect on your behalf. Cis.

Played around with XinYi’s new camera. Hehe. She’s so gonna kill me.

No Fair!!

15 Apr

My finals starts this Friday and I’m not even half way through my syllabus. So, I decided to come home cause I know I will have to study when I’m at home.

But just not when I called Pak Koon, I heard the noise behind and the very familiar voices…



I feel so sour out of a sudden. *eat lemon wtf* I know it doesn’t exactly apply this way, this term I mean but I’m trying to say the feeling lah. ISH. Damn tak puas.

Can’t blame them though. I should have known this would happen cause they have been blowing water a lot lately. Last night spent about 6 hours on solid talking. Haha!

Oh, what is blow water?

Its direct translation from a term in cantonese, “chui sui”. Haha. It means something like talk nonsense or crapping or somewhere there. =)

Ok, I got to attend to my Macro now. I don’t start any sooner then I’m so gonna screw my papers.


4 Apr

I don’t always get to spot the right guy. Like what Heng says, somehow, I just choose the wrong guys to like..

But nope, not this time.

When I got to know him better, I knew he was the one.

The one I’ve always dreamed for.

I’ve always disliked to walk alone and this semester, I walk to classes alone most of the time.

But thank God for him, cause he make my walks so enjoyable. Listening to his voice never fails to make me feel warm and calm.

And when I’m all alone somewhere, all I have to do is to search for his name in my phone and…everything just falls into place.

Thank You for fitting him into my life or else…or else I don’t know what is life about….?


But WHY???

Why are You doing this to me???

I don’t get the chance to see him often and You’re making such arrangements??

Its not fair!!!

Why he has to come on May 2nd this year?!!!

No fair, no fair, no fair!!!

I wanna go LeeHom’s concert!!!!! *sob sob sob*